Bluefin Guardians



Bluefin Property Services offer specialist clearance services throughout the UK. We have our in-house team that can clear all items including, clinical, furniture, electrical items, personal effects and waste from domestic and commercial property will be completely swept, clear and tidy throughout. 

Our property clearance service can easily clear your property of all surplus, redundant and waste materials. 

  • Furniture (we donate and reuse surplus furniture through our foundation program )
  • IT ( through our partner non-profit origination we have all IT data and equipment recycled and data securely erased.
  • Rubbish and clinical waste disposed at registered recycling centres.

Affordable commercial clearance costs

We factor the value of assets such as high quality furniture, and IT into our prices, saving you money. And because we specialize in commercial clearances, our processes and experienced teams are experts at getting the job done cost effectively and efficiently.

Fulfil your duty of care

Companies have a legal responsibility to act in accordance with the EU Waste Framework Directive. We manage the process from start to finish, supplying you with a full audit trail and ensuring complete compliance.

Eco-friendly office clearances

From IT recycling to office furniture reuse networks, we find a way to clear everything in the most sustainable way possible – and provide the audit trail to prove it. We achieve highl eco-friendly results because we focus on reuse of materials cleared. This is fundamentally different to most recycling and waste clearance companies, who at best focus on recycling.

Environmental Reports

After clearance projects we provide post clearance Environmental Reports. These show the rates of reuse and recycling achieved and the CO2 saved as a result.

Large clearance projects

Clearing out large offices may seem daunting. We have helped many clients’ clear large sites, such as head offices, university campuses and large manufacturing facilities. We assist with all aspects from beginning to end, including planning, project management, asset audits, relocation and storage, as well and the clearance itself.