Bluefin Guardians




What is the basic criteria for Bluefin Guardians Ltd?

All our Occupiers need to be over 18 years old, in full time employment, with no children or pets and be willing to have a credit check, a reference check and, if applicable, a criminal record check. We like flexible, honest, trustworthy adults who are socially responsible and security conscious.


I want to live with Bluefin Guardians Ltd, How do i apply?

Fill in the application form on our website if you want live with us as a property guardian or as a tenant. Once the application form has been submitted, a member of the Bluefin Guardians Ltd team will be in touch to go through the pre- screening process and if you qualify we start our formal vetting process.


What is the difference between a Property Guardian and a Tenant?

In general there is not much difference. The main difference is property guardians have less legal rights than a tenant although property guardians live with more flexibility and the fees are MUCH cheaper but you may need to move at shorter notice. The main differences are listed below.
Tenancy Agreement (Tenant)
Guaranteed rental period
2 month notice period
Residential flats and houses exclusively
Announced inspections

Property guardian
Licence Agreement (Licensee)
Flexible rolling contract
28 days notice
Residential flats and houses as well as
commercial buildings
Unnannounced inspections


What types of properties do you manage?

We manage all types of properties from your typical 1 bed flat or house to care homes, offices, pubs, police stations, churches, community centres, schools, leisure centres etc. as long as they are wind and watertight, with electricity and running water.


What do I need to pay?

Holding deposit - Once you have chosen your space we take a non-refundable holding deposit of £100 to secure your space. This holding deposit secures your space for a week. The holding deposit will be deducted from your 1st months licence fee or rent. If you decide you don’t want to move into the property or provided misleading information during the application process you will not be entitled to get the holding deposit back.

Deposit - We also take a deposit which is the equivalent to a month’s Licence Fee for property guardians or 6 weeks rent for tenants. Deposits are returned in full providing you’ve not damaged the property, you’ve removed all your personal belongings, your personal space is clean and tidy and you’ve returned the keys.

Monthly fees - Monthly fees will be set on a property by property basis. Monthly fees need to be paid by direct debit which should be set up to come out with cleared funds on 1st of every month


Do properties come furnished?

All properties come unfurnished with any furnishings being a bonus. If you decide to take any furnishings left by the previous occupiers, they then become your personal responsibility and we expect you to take them with you once your agreement with Bluefin Guardians Ltd has ended. Bluefin Guardians Ltd do provide some white goods in our properties on a property by property basis and they will be pointed out to you at the viewing.


What are my responsibilities to the property?

You will be given a list of basic health and safety rules and regulations we expect our occupiers to follow, we simply want you to occupy our properties in a safe, responsible, civil and adult manner, look after the property and make sure it’s clean and tidy, be considerate to fellow occupiers and local neighbours and report any maintenance or security issues to Bluefin Guardians Ltd or the Head Guardian (if applicable). If you see anything untoward you must report it to the relevant authorities in the first instance and once it’s reported to them please let Bluefin Guardians Ltd as well as the Head Guardian (if applicable) know as well. We don’t want you putting yourselves in danger and trying to tackle the issue yourself.


Can I live with my friend or partner?

Yes you can but each person will need to sign an individual agreement (Licence Agreement for property guardians and Tenancy for tenants).


Do I need to pay utility bills and council tax?

Tenants will always pay their own utility bills (gas, water, electric) and council tax and you will be required to create an account in your names and pay those bills directly to the supplier or local council. Bluefin Guardians Ltd may ask for evidence these bills have been paid for. For property guardians this is decided on a property by property basis and you will be informed of this during the viewing. If bills are included Bluefin Guardians Ltd employ a fair utility usage policy and we reserve the right to pass on costs to Licensees where the energy consumption is deemed outside of typical, fair usage. Where bills and taxes (e.g. gas, water, electric, council tax) aren’t included you will be required to create an account in your names and pay those bills directly to the supplier or local council. Bluefin Guardians Ltd may ask for evidence these bills have been paid for.


Do I need insurance?

Bluefin Guardians Ltd recommends all our occupiers get a contents insurance policy, neither Bluefin Guardians LTD nor our property owners are liable if your personal belongings go missing, get damaged or get lost.


What is the notice period?

Property guardians will receive a minimum of 28 days’ written notice to leave the property.
Tenants will receive a minimum of 2 months written notice to leave the property.
If you no longer wish to live with Bluefin Guardians Ltd and want to leave the scheme, we require 28 days written
notice by emailing